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Mega Airport Budapest 2.0

Mega Airport Budapest X is the newest aerosoft's software for flight simulation
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Mega Airport Budapest X is the newest software for flight simulation. The scenery is of the Ferihegy International Airport which is the main airport in Budapest. It has realistic ground textures and extensive autogen. The FS2004 is included with the FSX software.

The FS2004 is the only edition that shows buildings and monuments in Budapest covered in great detail. The FS2004 also shows the LHBS, LHDK, LHFH, LHGD, LHHH, and the LHTL airports around Budapest, which is also put in great detail.

The main features of the Mega Airport Budapest X shows a highly defined, highly textured taxiway and runway layout, is fully compatible with third party Al-traffic, has full winter and night textures, a high density mesh surrounding, full photographic ground textures of Budapest, highly animated car and bus traffic at airport, full detailed lighting, high number of objects on the tarmac, and a superb optimization to view angles so frame stays stable.

Other specific features of FSX includes all texture in DDS form, Bump maps and texture maps with increasing detail, compatible with the new FSX round world model, photo coverage bitmaps inside the BGL which allows faster loading than separate textures, sounds are added to objects for better safety, Extensive traffic on highways, and birds surrounding your aircraft.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Compatible with A1-traffic, winter / night textures, safety measures


  • Can be complicating for starters, FSX only you will drop down between 40 – 45% in frame
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